Required Septic Tank Maintenance

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reports that the average life of an alternative onsite septic system (AOSS) in Virginia is 14 years. However, like most home amenities, failure to perform proper septic system maintenance can cause an avoidable malfunction and premature failure. To avoid these issues, the VDH suggests that you pump your septic tank. Those who live in the Chesapeake Bay Preservation area are required to have their septic tanks pumped or inspected at least every five years.  See below for a table suggesting the pumping frequencies for different sized tanks serving different sized households:

Pumping Frequency Chart - SeptiClean Provides Pump and Haul Septic Services all throughout Virginia

Properly maintaining your septic system is a top priority for the staff at SeptiClean. A poorly maintained septic system runs the risk of causing sewage to back up into your home and may result in a serious system failure. These types of malfunctions are extremely costly to fix. They put not only you and your family at health risk but the surrounding community. Inspection of your system will include the following:

  • House to tank
    • Tanks & treatment systems
  • Drain field dispersal area and components

Our radio-dispatched trucks are available for regular and emergency service. Our uniformed drivers undergo extensive training on all types of septic and alternative systems and are ready to answer your questions.  All employees undergo a criminal background check and SeptiClean is a drug-free work place.

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