Grinder Pump Maintenance & Repair

Septic tank grinder pump maintenance & repair in Prince William, Fairfax, Warren, and Loudoun The staff of SeptiClean is equipped for dealing with all alternative waste management systems. This includes the maintenance and repair of grinder pumps. Grinder pumps are responsible for breaking up the waste from sinks, toilets, bathtubs and washing machines and pumping them to a public sewer system. As pumps age, their efficiency can become reduced and shredder blades can become dull. Your pump starts to work harder and sludge accumulates in your grinder pump chamber. This can lead to pump clogging, overheating and failure.

Preventative maintenance on grinder pumps is recommended annually. Efficiency is tested, alarms are tested and grease or sludge is removed from the floats and grinder chamber.

In order to avoid issues with your grinder pump, DO NOT put the following down the drain:

  •      Paint
  •      Cat litter
  •      Sanitary napkins
  •      Diapers
  •      Oil

Because of smaller storage tanks, grinders can be more susceptible to clogging from grease and feminine products flushed down the toilet. Annual inspection and cleaning of your grinder tank can prevent unforeseen problems. In addition, SeptiClean will check the amperage draw on the pump to determine if it is functioning properly or likely to fail within the next year.

Pumps can be re-conditioned in our shop if needed and we keep a wide variety of new and reconditioned pumps on hand.

If you do experience issues concerning your grinder pump. DO NOT SELF-REPAIR. Contact SepiClean today!

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